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Welcome to ChixFixKix LLC

CEO: Imani Brown

ChixFixKix is an online retail destination serving customers worldwide. We strive to bring shoppers the latest sports and fitness equipment, from design to concept, and straight to our customers’ doorstep.


All About ChixFixKix

Your Sneaker Adventure

Each person has so much creative potential built up inside of them. At ChixFixKix, we believe in harnessing and unlocking this creativity. We have been growing and changing throughout the year, but one thing always remains consistent; our commitment to our shoppers.


At ChixFixKix, we strive to provide the best and highest quality gear and artwork for all sneakerheads, athletes, explorers, and fitness enthusiasts. Our online store offers a variety of sneaker cleaning, restorations, and customization services. We also offer goods, from apparel, vintage wear, refurbished sneakers, and everything in between. Browse our site to see what we have in stock, and how we can help you get moving today.

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